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The entrance for Studio 13 in 2008.

Studio 13 was an up charge Haunted House that opperated during Fright Fest 2007-09, and 2011. It recreated scenes from many contempary horror films. It was located in Southwest Territory utilizing the former cue line for Trailblazer and the housing for the Southwest Arcade.


Guests would wait in the former que line for Trailblazer until they reached the door. There they would recieve a safety briefing before entering. When inside guests would experience many scenes from famous horror films like Saw and The Ring. Guests would walk in a single file line through the scenes while actors jumped out from behind objects. Guests would then exit next to the Riccohet


Studio 13 occupied the former spot of The Curse in 3-D in 2007. It lasted for three seasons before being replaced by a new haunted house, Saw Live, in 2010. Studio 13 returned in 2011 doing away with much of the horror movie theming.