Great America Raceway
Arrow Dynamics
Height Restrictions
42" with adult
Other Names
Barney Oldfield Speedway (1976-?)

Great America Raceway was a ride which allowed you to drive classic cars around a fixated track. It opened in County Fair with the park in 1976. The ride has had different names over the years having been sponsored by different companies. Its track layout was modified from its original figure eight design in 1986 with the addition of Splashwater Falls. Due to a lack of popularity it was removed in 2010.


Great America Raceway opened with the park in 1976. It was originally called "Barney Oldfield Speedway" named after the famous race car driver of the same name. The original track layout was that of a figure eight with a bridge that overlapped the track. When Splashwater Falls was built in 1986 the track layout was altered into an oval shape surrounding that ride. The original cue was also modified becoming part of Splashwater Falls. The ride was removed during the 2010/11 off-season due to age and a lack of popularity.


When the 2011 season came around the track for the ride still remained, but all signs and notations of it had been removed. It spent most of the season laying dormant with piles of concrete (from an unknown location) laying on the track. As of August 2011 several bulldozers and markers have been seen in the area. On September 1st Great America announced that a new Steel Wing Rider Roller Coaster X-Flight will be built on the site.

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