Fiddler's Fling
Height Restriction
36" with an adult or 42" alone

Fiddler's Fling is a Schwarzkopf Calypso located in County Fair. It opened in 1976 and is an original Marriott-era attraction. Guests must be 36" to ride with an Adult, or 42" to ride alone.


Fiddler's Fling is situated across from the Iron Wolf and next to Sticky Fingers. The ride is similar to an angled scrambler-type ride. Each car can seat up to two riders. The entire rides spins first, then the cars begin to spin rapidly in the opposite direction the platform spins, providing intense lateral G-forces. It is not recommended that smaller people sit on the outside when riding with another person, as the intense forces will crush the smaller person and provide an uncomfortable ride experience.

During Fright Fest, the Fiddler's Fling has been known as Fiddler's Flung, and in 2007 when the Area 51 section was moved to County Fair, it was known as Space Command.

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