The Chubasco is a Zamperla Spinning Teacup ride located in Southwest Territory. It was added in 1996.


The Chubasco is located inside a replica of a Spanish Mission. Each car has a wheel located in the center, which guests can push or pull to spin their car. The ride rotates similar to Fiddler's Fling, only much slower. The spinning cars are what add to the thrill.

Terror TwisterEdit

During Fright Fest, the Chubasco becomes Terror Twister. This ride receives some special theming which dramatically increases the thrill of the ride, making it extremely popular during Fright Fest. These modifications include the entire ride being enclosed, the addition of smoke and lighting effects, and loud techno music.

The music tracks played on Terror Twister are shortened for duration and are all custom to the ride, however, duplicating the mixes used on Terror Twister are fairly easy. The songs are:

  • DaRude - Sandstorm
  • Garbage - Hammering in my Head
  • Madonna - Impressive Instant (Unknown Remix)
  • Lords of Acid - O'Fortuna
  • Nightwatchers - Insomnia

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